Boundary Waters Remote Lake Fishing Trips

At Timber Trail Lodge we offer several opportunities for our guests to experience a remote lake fishing trip. We are located only 7 miles from Ely, MN and have direct access to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. We offer both motorized and non-motorized wilderness fishing trips, and guided and self guided fishing trips, and service all Ely area entry points into the Boundary Waters. We will provide a quick overview of these trips, but you’ll need to contact us to get more details. Advance planning is helpful but not absolutely necessary. For all these trips we need to obtain a permit to enter the Boundary Waters.

Kawishiwi River Fishing Trip – this is a canoe only trip. The Kawishiwi River is a canoe only portion of the Boundary Waters. You can enter the Kawishiwi River directly from the resort. You can paddle from the resort or utilize one of the canoes we have staged next to the Kawishiwi River entry point. The Kawishiwi River is a slow moving river with excellent fishing, abundant wildlife and great scenery. The only cost to you is for the canoe rental, and we provide at no cost a day pass to enter the Boundary Waters. There are several additional portage lakes you can enter from the Kawishiwi River.

Bass Fishing Trip #1 – This remote lake offers a very abundant population of Bass, both Small Mouth and Large Mouth Bass. This is a canoe only fishing trip. This trip commonly offers 20′ plus Bass. A guide is highly recommended. We typically recommend this trip utilize our square stern canoe with portage wheels. This trip requires a short motorized trip across a lake where you would then abandon the motor in the woods and continue on using the portage canoe. There is a 2 mile hike to the lake with the portage canoe over portage trails. We have sent many Bass fishing guests to this lake and they have all come back thoroughly pleased with the experience. Other fish species are available.

Bass Fishing Trip #2 – This trip is also a canoe only day fishing trip and offers excellent Bass fishing. This lake commonly offers 20′ plus Bass. This trip can be guided or self guided with support. The trip requires transportation to a Boundary Waters entry point. A motorized boat shuttle is required to a second portage entry point to this remote lake. Costs would include shuttle fees. The lake can be entered with a no-cost day pass. The portage into this lake is approximately ½ mile long and is easily traversed. I have had some of my very best Bass fishing in this lake.

Motorized Lake Fishing Trip – This trip can accommodate two to three anglers going in the guide’s boat. There is excellent Walleye, Northern Pike and Bass fishing. The guide will increase your chances of landing a trophy fish tremendously. There are productive and very productive locations for fishing and these locations are often species specific. Great scenery and a shore lunch will enhance your experience. Highly recommended.

Second Motorized Fishing Trip – This trip can accommodate two to three anglers going to this remote lake in the guide’s motorized portage boat. The trip requires the portage boat, which has drop down wheels, be pushed across two reasonably traversed portages. This trip requires some hiking and boat pushing so a reasonable level of fitness helps. You can target all species of fish found in Minnesota’s remote lakes here. You can opt for a shore lunch or a pack yourself lunch. This is a full day trip.

Timber Trail Lodge can also offers fishing trips for Muskie, Lake Trout or Rainbow Trout. The options are abundant.

The above trips are all day trips. Overnight camping trips can also be accommodated.

The Boundary Waters offers some of the finest fishing in North America. We have many guests at Timber Trail who return each year to once again experience one of these adventure fishing trips. Based on the experience of thousands of guests who have taken these trips over the past 20 years of our management of the resort you will not be disappointed.