Fishing the Chain Of Lakes

Timber Trail Lodge is located on a chain of 4 interconnected lakes with direct access to the Boundary Waters.

The White Iron Chain of Lakes offers nearly 11,000 acres of water for our guests to fish, explore and recreate on. The chain is comprised of Farm Lake, Garden Lake, South Farm Lake and White Iron Lake. We have provided you with maps of all of these lakes for you to review and print if desired.

These lakes offer all of the fish species found in Northern Minnesota except Trout and Muskie. An occasional Muskie is caught on the chain, but they are not prevalent. Both of these species of fish are found in our area and our guests can easily day trip to a local lake to fish these species. Walleye is the most desired species of fish our guests target. We also have abundant populations of Northern Pike, Bass, Crappie and Pan fish.

There are no motor restrictions on three of the chain’s four lakes. South Farm Lake is in the Boundary Waters and can be entered by motor boat with a Motorized Day Pass but the the boat’s motor can be no greater than a 25HP motor. Motorized Day Passes should be reserved early and are limited. The resort does have boats and motors available if our guests wish to enter South Farm Lake and their boat is too large.

Our lodge also has direct access to the North Kawishiwi River. The Kawishiwi River is across the lake from our lodge. The river flows from Lake One in the Boundary Waters to Farm Lake. This is a generally slow moving river with great fishing, wonderful scenery, and abundant wildlife. The river is in a canoe only portion of the Boundary Waters. Our guests can paddle across Farm Lake to enter the river or use one of the canoes docked across the lake at the entry point for the river. Pack a lunch, bring the family or just fish the river. This is a great day trip and offers a lot of adventure to your vacation. You can also portage into other remote lakes in the Boundary Waters from the Kawishiwi River.

The fishing in the chain of lakes often times will rival fishing in the Boundary Waters. Our guides spend over 200 days a year fishing both the chain of lakes and the Boundary Waters. They often recommend to our guests that the fishing on the chain is as good if not better than in the Boundary Waters. It is important to know that guide services will enhance your fishing experience and improve your chances of catching the big one. In Northern Minnesota there are good places to fish, better places to fish and the best places to fish. We will always help all of our guests with the latest fishing information.